The Value of the IILM Institute-Industry Interface for Students

The practical experience encourages you to acquire the specific techniques that finally become the lifetime tools of your trade. Each type of knowledge holds its distinctive significance. Theoretical acumen cracks a pathway for you to move deeper into a specific subject or concept whereas practical insights are all about the tricks and techniques leading to the real-world execution of the idea. Until a few years ago, the potential of a candidate was evaluated based on his/her academic scores and excellence. Times have changed now and so have the procedure of how the potential and talent are analyzed in an aspirant. The new-age teaching pedagogy encourages a taste of professional life from day one. Students are given hands-on experience of the real-world industry practices so as to provide them a fair idea of how the industry actually works.  With this belief in mind, we at, IILM,Lodhi Road, have created a robust platform for candidates enrolled in our PGDM course to attain the true advantage of the IILM ‘academia-industry interface.’

If you see globally, when it comes to hiring, corporates reach out to institutions with multiple motives that include diversifying their talent pools, enabling innovation, developing the economy, and much more. We, at IILM,Lodhi Road, therefore put our every bit of determination, awareness, and efforts to dedicatedly produce an employment-ready workforce apt for working on a national as well as international level.

The IILM Institute-Industry Interface – A View from the Top

IILM is recognized for imparting education from a global standpoint with inputs not merely from top educational bodies but also leading industrial heads. We extend high-level knowledge researches, teaching techniques, market information, and other significant know how’s with a determination to take the academic and industrial collaboration platform to the next level. In the PGDM program, students get to pick up both local and global insights and acumen and attain a clear idea of how things work in the real world. IILM utilizes strategic strides to establish a successful Institute-Industry Interface and the following are the key elements that are bringing in immense value for the students:

Universally Acknowledged Curriculum

The foremost step that we have taken towards expanding industrial ideas and notions in our students’ psyche is by adopting a curriculum that is universally benchmarked. Our cutting-edge PGDM curriculum is ‘highly selective’ and is structured in such a way that it serves to ingrain as well as polish the next-level skills in students. We open-mindedly encourage innovative modules and have our course structure inspired by the top national and international educational bodiesviz. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and IIM-A. With such an industry-centric approach, IILM has successfully taken over as an institution that industrial leaders peacefully hinge their expectations on.

Live Projects and Inputs from Business Experts

A good understanding of the corporate culture, organizational norms, and trading tricks is among the top qualities of a successful business management professional. We use live projects as a powerful tool to help candidates inherit these skills from the very root. Live projects act as a strong intersection point between educational and industrial knowledge and this approach also helps candidates handle future assignments in the professional world with a lot more conviction.

Global Study & International Trek – Interaction with Industrial leaders

To make a breakthrough in the present business realm, it is imperative to pace along with global market trends, changing technologies and methods, advancing organizational norms, and more. To prepare the students to cope with the globalizing environment around, IILM conducts international treks and global study programs for its students. The whole aim of this corporate world training is to encourage students to experience the true flavor of organizational culture, international working perspectives, and more to enhance their horizons. We also make our PGDM students interact and learn from the real-world big shots and gain ideas that are rarely revealed in the competitive business realm.

The Expanding Alumni NetworkAccelerating Industrial Connections

Our most significant resource and pride lies in our extensive alumni network. More than ten thousand of our alumniare placed in some of the most reputed corporates across the world. We provide a platform where our students can communicate with alumnimemberswith similar past profiles and gain definite and realistic ideas about how to project the next step to success. Starting from managers at giant corporate brands, directors to successful entrepreneurs, our alumni team comprises of a dynamic range of talents. Our current students can take advantage of these helpful connections without a second thought in mind.

Excellent Industry Placements

We, at IILM, Lodhi Road have an extremely active and spontaneous placement cell that is known for inviting miracles in the campus. We address our placement cell as the Career Resource Center(CRC) as the team constantly assists and guides students beyond just placements and equips and grooms each and every student in a such a robust manner that they grow as the quick-picks by the employers.

The above-mentioned facets have profoundly contributed to building the robust institute-industry Interface that we have today. IILM, Lodhi Road recognized as one among the Top 10 PGDM colleges in Delhi, is a successful venture in the education world today that has its wings spread across countless leading industries on a global level. We look forward to continuing the journey with the valuable support and cooperation from the IILM family, students, alumni, and our respected partners.

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