Globally Benchmarked Curriculum with Blended Learning

Globally-Benchmarked-Curriculum-with-Blended-LearningIILM PGDM curriculum reflects the changing world of business and the skills required by students for future and are based on the concept of Assurance of Learning (AOL) and Programme Learning Goals (PLG) which get embedded in all modules and activities. As an institution, the updated curriculum and innovative pedagogy remains the fulcrum of the Post Graduate Programme in Management. The PGDM curriculum is benchmarked against some of the best institutions of the world and India, such as Stanford University Graduate School of Management, Wharton School of Management and Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad and Bangalore. The curriculum is updated through industry roundtables and is approved by the Academic Advisory Board comprising of top academicians of India and abroad. Robust Curriculum and Pedagogy are the two pillars on which IILM management programme is based and help students broaden and deepen their understanding of the business world.

The PGDM programme is delivered over six terms. The duration of each term is three months. The first year curriculum covers the basic courses in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management, Strategy, Operations and Quantitative techniques. After completion of first year over three terms, each student has to go through two to three months mandatory summer internship programme.

The second year PGDM programme consists of electives in different areas. Students are encouraged to design their own specialization. Also, students can opt for electives from the area of Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Public Policy, Operations, Analytics and General Management.

Personal Leadership Program:

The Personal Leadership Development Program (PLDP) runs from Trimester I through to Trimester V. It is designed to help students develop self-knowledge and interpersonal skills by introducing a set of learning experiences throughout the PGDM program that will give opportunities to:

• Enhance self-awareness,
• Awareness of others, and
• Clear actionable developmental pathways to promote effective working with others.

The purpose of the PLDP is to help students to make sense of the myriad of experiences available to them across the different courses they will take, the group and social pressures they will encounter and how they then put this learning into action in the live environment of the MBA. Students are invited to pay attention to and make sense of the choices they make and the behaviors in which they engage which are often strong signals of deeper often unsaid intent. In order to make the most of this opportunity, students are expected to bring their experiences on the MBA and from the past in addition to fears and aspirations for the future to their PLDP coaching experience and importantly share responsibility for the content and the experience of the sessions.

Summer Internships – Corporate Training

IILM-SI_1Summer Internship is an integral part of the curriculum at IILM. The short term experience during the summer internship offers an important opportunity to work closely with professionals in the chosen field and to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to career goals. Internships lead to new contacts, mentors and references.

IILM-SI_2The Summer Internships program aims to provide handson experience to the freshers and also acquaint students with the demands of the professional world in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude to perform effectively in a corporate setup. Apart from experiential learning, summer internship prepare students with core knowledge and enables them to choose them specialized electives diligently in second year.

Students are well trained prior to their Summer Internship programme to ensure that they internalize the real world learning process. The curriculum mandates a minimum of 2-3 months (8 to 12 weeks) internship to gain first-hand experience of the business world.

IILM-SI_3Summer Internship Projects are evaluated by faculty mentors and IILM Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) before they are allocated to the students. The academic advisors also visit companies and interact with the students’ industry mentors to track progress of the students. As a part of summer internship evaluation, students submit fortnightly progress reports to their advisors and CRC. Guidance on final report preparation is provided by the academic advisors.

The final assessment comprises of summer internship progress reports, executive summary, company details, and learning followed by an interaction with company representatives, industry mentor, alumni and faculty.

Students also present their Summer Internship Project to the industry mentor and team member of IILM Corporate Resource Centre at the company premises. Overall, summer internship provides an insight into the real world of their chosen preferred Career Domain and is imperative for students’ overall development to become an effective manager.


The Dissertation is a new initiative in IILM’s teaching curriculum and endeavors to enhance the research capabilities of the students. Dissertation is a mandatory requirement for the PGDM students to earn their final degree.

The dissertation module is in a continuous learning format which starts from Term 4 and ends in Term 6. It includes a understanding of research methodology, data collection, data analysis, interpretation of results through quantitative and qualitative techniques and finally report writing of findings and their analysis- in the form of a written document. The dissertation committee approves the proposed topic and the research proposal, monitors the progress for each student through timely reports and finally organizes and conducts the dissertation defense.