Future Management Professionals Should Brace Themselves for the Evolving Job Market

As the nation goes global and the corporates become competitive by the day, the demand for management graduates rises in tandem. The rising demand has led the companies to look for nothing but the best of the professionals to hire for the respective positions. Thus, there lies the need to make a conscious attempt on the part of both the students and the institutes to ensure that the skill set on offer is enhanced to the meet the expectations.

We, at IILM, Lodhi Road, a Top Ranked PGDM college in Delhi, believe that for a course like business management, the focus should be on ensuring that the students are ready to take on the world of corporate jobs with adequate industry exposure, advanced curriculum, and practical training. In such a scenario, the work of a management institute does not begin and end with imparting the technical knowledge to the students and hence, the aim should be to ensure an all-encompassing growth of the students in order to make them future ready. Each student enrolling in the management course comes with the aspirations of making a mark in the job market and it becomes the duty of the b-school to ensure that they have all the skills at their disposal to brace themselves for their dream job position. Here’s how we believe each student should prepare themselves for the ever-changing job arena:

Strong Technical Know-How and Practical Skills

The importance of technical know-how for a management student can never be stressed enough; it is the first step of his or her learning process. This is where an advanced curriculum, which provides the students with the technical expertise along with a strong application based skill set, can help them keep pace with the evolving and progressing job market. Considering this aspect, we, at IILM, Lodhi Road, have formulated a curriculum that has been deliberately designed by the industry experts keeping in mind the best aspects of the management courses offered at the top business schools of the world.

Amalgamation of Soft Skills and Industry Knowledge

The soft skills of a management student are as important as his/her technical proficiency because, at the end of the day, a business manager is, what we call a ‘people’s person.’ Thus, students need to understand the tact and the strategies of dealing with the team and other professionals that they will come across on the job on a daily basis.To that end, we prepare our PGDM students by providing them an exposure to the industry by means of various workshops, conferences, guest lectures, live-projects and networking sessions that are conducted by the leading industry experts.

 Adequate International Exposure to Understand the Global Business Arena

Globalization has ensured that the boundaries of nations keep getting increasingly blurred when it comes to trade and business. This is why in order to keep oneself viable in the job market today, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient international exposure. At IILM, we organize global study programs for our PGDM students which enable them to expand their horizons and develop an international perspective. The more they familiarize themselves with the global work environment, the higher are the chances for them to be seen in high esteem by the recruiters.

Hands-on Approach to Learning Business Management

Business management is not a course where sticking to academics can pave the way for future success. There is a need to take a hands-on approach to learn the tricks of the trade. To enable our management students to stay prepared for the growing and evolving job market, we provide them with summer internship opportunities in the leading companies of the country. The students get to have a glimpse of the actual business scenario through these internships and that enables them to prepare themselves better for their roles in the days to come

Mentorship from Business Experts

In management education, the curriculum and pedagogy are as important as the ones who impart the training. The mentors in business management studies help to guide the students in the right direction by honing and enhancing their existing skill set. This is why the management students should see to it that they undertake their management education under the finest and most experienced mentors of the business world in order to be reckoned among the finest management professionals.

At IILM, Lodhi Road, an AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Delhi, we believe that in a course like business management, it is crucial to start preparing the students for the job market from the very first day; only then can their successful transformation into the leading business management professionals of the future be made possible.With proper guidance from the dedicated mentors, the support from world-class infrastructure, and their own zeal to succeed, we, at IILM, are certain that each of our PGDM students will not only fit-in but rise and shine in the ever-evolving job market.

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