PGDM Course Detail 2023-25

The IILM PGDM Program is inspired by the Top B-Schools program structure. The program follows the trimester system.While the first year is common to all three programs, the second year curriculum offers a distinct set of electives tailor made for each of the courses concerned.

IILM PGDM Course Detail 2023-2025
Term 1 Courses [July to October]
S.No Course Acronym Course Title
1 FRA Financial Reporting and Analysis
2 HRM-I Human Resource Management I
3 ID Individual Dynamics
4 WAC Written Analysis and Communication
5 MC Managerial Computing
6 ME Microeconomics
7 MKT-I Marketing I
8 LAB Legal Aspects of Business
9 QM-1 Quantitative Methods-I
Term 2 Courses [October to January]
S.No Course Acronym Course Title
1 CCS Costing and Control Systems
2 FM Financial Markets
3 HRM-II Human Resource Management II
4 IGP Interpersonal Group Processes
5 OM-I Operations Management I
6 TBIT Transforming Business through Data Analytics
7 MEP Macroeconomics and Policy
8 MKT-II Marketing II
9 QM-2 Quantitative Methods II
10 SCEB The Social and Cultural Environment of Business
11 PCE Personal and Corporate Ethics
12 BRM-I Business Research Methods I
13 WIP Workshop on Interviews and Presentations
Term 3 Courses [January to April]
S.No Course Acronym Course Title
1 BES Business, Environment and Sustainability
2 BRM-II Business Research Methods II
3 CF Corporate Finance
4 GSP Government Systems and Policy Process
5 IEB Internet-Enabled Businesses
6 MAC Spoken Communication and Analysis
7 MKT-III Marketing III
8 ODY Organizational Dynamics
9 SM Strategic Management
10 OM-II Operations Management II
11 QM-3 Quantitative Methods III

Teaching Pedagogy

The IILM PGDM Program is inspired by the program structure of the IIMs. The program follows the trimester system wherein 9 to 12 core courses are offered in every term. The first year of the program focuses on laying the foundation in management sciences and decision making while in the second year students can choose from a bouquet of electives as per their desired specialization. The program has a combination of conceptual and skill-based courses aimed at enabling students to manage organizations or run businesses by understanding the critical areas of finance, marketing, operations, technology, human resources management, and strategy.