IILM Scholarship Scheme – MBA/PGDM

CATEGORY 1 : 10% Scholarship

All girl students who are selected for admission to IILM PGDM/MBA are eligible for a 10% scholarship.

CATEGORY 2: 20% Scholarship:

  • All students who are selected for admission to IILM MBA/PGDM, and have secured 60% or more marks in B.Tech or B.E.
  • Scholarship to acknowledge outstanding achievement of students in areas of Sports, Culture or Bravery.
  • To encourage students from the states of J&K and the North-East, we offer scholarship of 20%.
  • 20% Scholarship for children of Defence Personnel (100% tuition fee waiver for Wards of Martyrs).

CATEGORY 3: 40% Scholarship: Students fulfilling all three criteria (a), (b) and (c) mentioned below-

  Marks/Score for Eligibility
Class XII 80% and above
Bachelor’s  Degree B.Tech or B.E.                    : 70% and above
B.Sc., BCA, B.Com, B.A.  : 65% and above
MAT Minimum score of 700

CATEGORY 4: Scholarship for CAT Students:

Criteria Scholarship Percentage
Cat percentile 80 and above 40%
Cat percentile more than 70 but less than 80 20%


  • No two scholarships can be combined.
  • Amount of scholarship in various categories detailed above, is offered as percentage of tuition fee.
  • There are limited seats for each scholarship category.
  • Awarding of Scholarship is subject to Scholarship Committee’s Decision.