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IILM has a network of 15,000+ Alumni, well-placed in various capacities across industries both in India and abroad. Our Alumni are an integral part of the IILM community – they not only mentor our students but are also invited to interact with them through guest sessions, workshops, and networking sessions. Such interactions help students gain valuable insights into the industry requirements and the little tips that go a long way in managing corporate work-life balance.

Siddharth Jain at IILMI am currently working with KPMG as a Consulting Risk Manager. I’ve had more than 10 years of experience since graduating from IILM. I had the chance to work with several large corporations, including Ernst & Young. Being back at a college you previously attended is always a pleasure, and I had the chance to interact and network with many students. It feels nice to relive old memories and I wish the very best to the current batch of students.

Mr. Siddharth Jain
Manager, Consulting Risk Management – KPMG
PGDM Batch 2010-12


Komal-Kakkar at IILMIt’s great to be back at the IILM Institution especially since this campus helped us prepare to handle uncertainty in the workplace. As I go along the hallways, many memories come flooding back, which makes me feel incredibly glad to be back. And it makes me happy to see how motivated and enthusiastic students are, as well as how well-prepared they are for their corporate journeys. I’m thrilled to be back at my campus and wish them the best.

Ms. Komal Kakkar
Accenture, Recruitment Specialist
PGDM Batch 2009-11


Diptii Das at IILMIILM gave us a learning ground and freedom to think. I would like to thank the institute for giving us direction in our journey of life.

Ms. Diptii Das
Director, Real Impact Pvt Ltd
PGDM Batch 1997-1999


IILM-AlumniThere have been successes. I have learnt more from failures. Failures are very important. Three lessons in life- First, most important is excellence in execution. Second- Managing people becomes very important. Third- Keep learning and experimenting new things. If you are not experimenting, you are not learning. Fail fast and move on. Finally have fun…… and Build your network.

Mr. Virakam Manocha
Talent Acquisition Head India Tech, Amazon
PGDM Batch 1995-97


IILM-Alumni-2018-20I have spent the two most eventful, exciting and action packed and professionally enriching years of my student life which forms the foundation of where we are going in future. You have a rock solid launch pad and an establishment to take you further. Take risks with your careers, take risks with your capabilities, get out of your comfort zone and take on responsibilities which you think you will not be able to accomplish, believe me you will be surprised.

Mr. Anil V Valecha
Senior Service delivery Leader, Financial Operations American Express
PGDM Batch 1996-98


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