An Overview of the Awards & Accreditations Earned by IILM

An Overview of the Awards & Accreditations Earned by IILM

Accreditations treasure absolute significance when it comes to choosing any graduate or post-graduate degree program from an educational institute. An accredited and reputed institute not only affixes a huge value to the academic journey of its students but also assures them of a promising future ahead. Besides, when it comes to being noticed by top recruiters in the twenty-first century, graduating from a recognized institution adds a strong edge to the student’s overall profile. A substantial percentage of the student bodies are drawn towards accredited programs compared to the non-accredited ones, and there are many genuine and concrete reasons behind the move. Accredited educational institutions own a distinct authority in the academic world. IILM, ranked fourteenth among the top business schools in India, is a blazing example of how an accredited institution that has acquired a strong reputation in the education world, can help pave the path to success for its students. IILM is recognized for several endeavors, but the most prominent one is the accreditations and awards that it has received from both academic and industrial world.

Awards & Accreditations Earned by IILM

The PostGraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program offered by IILM, Lodhi Road, is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The AICTE, established in November 1945, is a national level Apex Advisory Body and is one of the most significant authorities when it comes to the academic domain. It contributes a significant share and plays a major part in the social and economic progress of the nation. Besides, IILM is also accredited by the National Board of Accreditation(NBA), Association of Indian Universities (AIU), South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQs), and PRME. All these accreditations and accomplishments make the post-graduate management program from IILM, Lodhi Road, the one that’s best suited for students and professionals who wish to make their mark and earn success in the current business industry.

A Brief Overview of IILM’s Journey in Attaining the Achievements

The institution began its remarkable venture twenty-five years back and is being consistently showcasing in-depth wisdom, commitment, and dedication towards building and delivering the highest standards in management education ever since. IILM utilizes its years of intense research, blended education impartation style, and the experience of its expert faculty to successfully prepare the next generation of leaders so as to present the industry with capable talents.

Today, IILM, Lodhi Road, is recognized as one of the top campuses in New Delhi and the same has been validated in the EdUniversal rankings where IILM has been listed as 11th among the Best Indian Business Schools. IILM is considered one of the superior figures in the world of education today because of its sharp and strategic approaches to deliver quality education, embrace innovation in teaching techniques, and initiate industry institutional collaborations. IILM offers students the opportunities to explore an internationally benchmarked curriculum, learn experientially, broaden their horizons with international study tours, attend internships, and take complete advantage of placements.

With a simple and genuine intention of contributing to the academic world to its fullest potential and helping aspirants expand their scopes and opportunities, IILM stands proud as one of the most respected institutions in the country in the current times, consistently attracting more and more ambitious minds to its campus.

Students are the Foremost Priority at IILM

The recognition and honor that IILM has received from the educational world have inspired the IILM family, even more, to take the venture to a whole new level. The institution believes in laying dedicated efforts towards bolstering the future professional lives of its students so that success follows them automatically. Thus, the institution sets an approach that is ceaseless when it comes to advancing the industrial collaborations and expanding the global market reach for its students. IILM, Lodhi Road, never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to supporting the students to connect with the corporate world and attain extensive exposure through effective channels and mediums such as conferences, seminars, industrial meets, and more.

The PGDM program at IILM, Lodhi Road, is exclusively designed to help business management aspirants expand their outreach in dynamic paths encompassing entrepreneurship, commercial endeavors, and personal business ventures. The course curriculum stresses on the most crucial aspects of the present-century business landscape, strategies, paradigms, and trends so that students can gain the most essential and pragmatic insights for utilizing the absorbed knowledge in their career ahead.

IILM’s highly experienced and passionate faculty team comprises of real-world industry experts who train students in the best way possible, providing them with the strongest and the most insightful mentorship and guidance. Besides, IILM never compromises on its teaching aids and utilizes state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and techniques to reach out uniquely to each candidate. IILM has always considered its students as its first and topmost priority and aims to bestow their professional lives with the admiration, esteem, and the acceptance that the institute has gained from the industry.

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