IILM - Social Media Mission & Vision


IILM Social Media - Mission & Vision

Our Vision

IILM Social Media Office’s vision is to enabling students explore their personal and professional horizons on social media. The office exists to preparing budding business owners and managers for business in a connected world!

Our Mission

IILM Social Media Office’s primary mission is to expand digital media literacy (especially its implications on business), provide a launch pad to budding managers and business owners, encourage ethical behaviour, and share best practices. We bring together management students who have an interest in publishing online, communicating online, and doing business online. We also bring together people who like amateur media creation for online thought leading and other interested collaborators. The office is essentially a platform for people who create and consume media and have an interest in exploiting social media for their personal and professional brand building.


  • People strategy and operational effectiveness
  • Safe online environment and enabling infrastructure
  • Transparent and seamless communication with students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni
  • Raising the IILM profile