IILM Social Media - Director's Message


IILM Social Media - Director Message

On behalf of the IILM Social Media Team, I welcome all the student digital media enthusiasts and learners to the IILM Social Media Office.

The fundamental reasons for the Office’s existence remain the same: to make friends and connections (who become like family), to engage and establish a strong network on social media, and provide budding managers and business owners with a launch pad for their personal and professional branding.

IILM Social Media Office provides opportunities for the students of the IILM PGDM to communicate, engage, and build mutually beneficial brand image for the premium business school and for themselves. We are thankful to our Member Volunteers who cover and publish stories in the form of blogrolls and photo/video galleries on the institute website and social media to ensure our activities overflow with diverse things.

The best opportunities to build your personal brand are available online, and the IILM social Media Office is a great place to start getting featured on websites and social media handles of a big brand like IILM. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment and get acquainted with the amazing world of the World Wide Web.

I urge all our IILM Social Media Office bearers, students and faculty to be a participating member, get featured on IILM website and social media, or get noticed and networking opportunities - you’ll get so much more out of IILM Social Media Office if you do.

With friendship
President, 2018-20