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What Makes IILM Alumni the Quick-Picks by the Employers

What Makes IILM Alumni the Quick-Picks by the Employers

‘Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.’ – Aristotle

The fiercely competitive professional world of the twenty-first century requires talents who are proficient and skilled right from the roots. Surviving is not the only ambition of professionals today. Be it any field, the modern day attitude of professionals is all about racing into success. Unlike the early times, nowadays achieving excellence in career life does not require waiting till early middle age. Young faces, constantly emerging as new and smarter players, are taking over the current job market. The successful faces in this era thrive on working smart than hard and the IILM alumni excellently placed in prestigious organizations across the globe showcase a golden example of such individuals.

Ranked among the Top 10 PGDM Colleges in Delhi, IILM Institute for Higher Education, Lodhi Road is recognized for offering highly industry-centric PGDM program in an extremely cutting-edge professional learning environment. Excelling in terms of infrastructure, technology, curriculum, industry collaboration, practical exposure, and more, IILM stands as one of the most prominent institutes attracting top recruiters from India as well as abroad. IILM has a vibrant and broad network of more than nine thousand alumni currently that is consistently expanding. They are connected with the leading organizationsfrom across the nation and overseas, awe-inspiring the IILM family with pride and gratitude. However, being the center of focus to the modern day recruiters is not another piece of cake. Here are some on-the-ground reasons why the IILM alumni stand out from the rest gaining much better preferences from the league of the top-notch employers.

Globally Benchmarked Curriculum

The foremost tool that caters to enhance the existing learning capability of a student is the academic curriculum. A student must feel interested and equally enthusiastic in exploring the course material rather than merely being bound to absorb information. This is precisely where the intelligent course design and integrated and experiential curriculum surpasses students’ expectations. The course curriculum of the PGDM course is inspired by the best of global B-Schools including the likes of The Stanford and The Wharton Business Schools. We encourage plenty of practical projects, industrial site visits, open discussion sessions, and workshops to arm our students with the apt peripheral skills required to breakthrough the rising competition. The specially designed PGDM curriculum helps the enrolled learners to pace along with the demanding corporate realm of the present century.

Internship Opportunities

A crucial part of the PGDM program at IILM is the summer internship which helps to provide the students with hands-on knowledge of the concepts they learn in theory. Learners participate in a workshop before the summer internship so that the procedure of learning is clear to them. The IILM internship acts as a pathway to the corporate reality from mere classroom space and acclimatizes the students to the survival tactics, disciplines, and the necessary attitude for outliving in the twenty-first-century professional world.

In-depth Industrial Experience

One of the most significant reasons why the IILM alumni become the quick picks by corporates is that they clearly stand out when it comes to industrial experience. Giant brands seek talents who at least keep the ability to develop innovative entrepreneurial skills and emerge as responsible business leaders in the future. Companies nowadays expect more than just stereotypical tasks. Contributing creatively, coming up with new ideas, directing and leading projects in the national and international arena, sharing knowledge with peers, attracting and tackling a broad category of clients, etc. are some of the key qualities that the top corporates look for in the prospective employees. This is exactly where IILM alumni meet the employer expectations and hence attain recruiter’s attention with ease.

Rich Market Research Program

Besides focusing on preparing our students for the business world, we also emphasize on exposing them to the top brands worldwide. Our tactful global study and market-research program helps in accomplishing the target. IILM has a mandatory global study program where students are sent on a 4-week study tour to Germany, Canada, France, or Spain. During this time, students get to dedicatedly focus on not only knowledge absorption but also pick up team working skills, collaborating skills, managerial skills, people skills, and much more.

Experienced Faculty

Our dedicated and highly skilled faculty team does deserve a mention here, who have never left any stone unturned to provide the IILM students with the best of training and learning environment. Our faculty team involves professionals with both academic and industrial insights who are also gifted with proper teaching acumen. IILM faculty first put in efforts to identify the learning styles and capabilities of each PGDM student based on their respective profiles, and only then begin the venture of strong mentorship and guidance.

Strong Placement Cell

Last, but never the least, a lot of credit goes to the robust placement cell at IILM, Lodhi Road, which has taken up the responsibility to keep the wheels of success rolling for the candidates. The placement cell trains and grooms the students in such a manner that they transform into job-ready candidates, who are picked up at once by the recruiters.

IILM is very particular when it comes to evolving with time and hence keep on constantly advancing in multifaceted ways to offer its students the rewards they genuinely deserve and make the twenty-first-century corporate realm a much easier platform to achieve.

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