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IILM Recognized as one of the Best B-Schools in the Country

IILM Recognized as one of the Best B-Schools in the Country

Do you know the recent surveys have reported that today’s generation has the most careerist minds of all times? Having said that, it is evident that a large percentage of millennial have an entrepreneurial and independent attitude when it comes to approaching employment. Clearly, aspirants have massive expectations from Business Schools rather than mere importation of theoretical knowledge. The corporate world is sternly progressing and only has room for those who possess a similar mentality. With twenty-five years of educational and industrial experience and collaborations, the IILM Institute for Higher Education, Lodhi Road, stands as one of the names to reckon with, which has succeeded in aptly recognizing the drastically evolving business landscape imposed by the hi-tech era.

Established in the year 1993, IILM, Lodhi Road, is particularly known for itsAICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PDGM) program. IILM is esteemed as the best AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Delhi and has an excellent track record of imparting world-class management education to aspirants. Today, IILM is also accredited by the ‘SAQs’ (South Asian Quality Assurance System), ‘NBA’ (National Board of Accreditation) and ‘AIU’ (Association of Indian Universities).But just like John Heywood said ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day,’ IILM’s position today amongst the top B-schools in India is owing to a 25 year long history of delivering top notch management education.

Intellectually vibrant community

The blended cultural backdrops, nationalities, and professional and academic experiences of the faulty make IILM’s community a much more dynamic platform for the ambitious talents to grow. We, at IILM, definitely focus on theoretical academic training but our goals also involve producing the finest managers who are well-equipped with cross-cultural training and teamwork training. We emphasize the ability to work in cultural diversity as it is a significant benchmark for organizations across the globe. We, at IILM, aim to prepare our students in such a way so that they can attain immediate preference from big brand recruiters in the first place.

Our alumni network is becoming robust with the rolling of time and we are keeping no stones unturned when it comes to investing the necessary efforts to make our PGDM pass outs outshine unique. We believe that if IILM is ranked among the top B schools in the entire nation today, it is primarily because our key focus has always been our valuable students who we believe are the pillars of the IILM family.

Excellent scholarship opportunities

The IILM Institute of Higher Education puts sincere efforts to make attaining quality education a much more affordable venture for students. We hence provide scholarship opportunities and facilitate loans based on the unique requirements of students. We, at IILM, have also collaborated with reputed banking firms in order to make the complex procedure of loan application much easier for our students.

Career selection guidance

Our Career- Center aims to expose the potentials of our students to greater possibilities and opportunities. IILM students get chances to interact with the Alumni group as well as the Industry experts face to face in order to seek valuable advice and practical opinions to settle for a sound decision about their future career. With the help of a strong combination of academic courses and pragmatic guidance, students are put in a better position to liftoff a successful career that would have been really difficult otherwise.

Soft skill development

In this fast-paced academic environment, just traditional teaching methods cannot be sufficient and we at IILM are well aware of that. Nowadays, companies focus on the intellectual and practical skills rather than merely the theoretical knowledge of candidates. They demand talents who are fast-moving, open-minded, confident, and spontaneous. With our long-term, in-depth research and experience, we, at IILM, have found blended pedagogy to be a really effective technique. We incorporate teaching trends like experiential learning, practical learning, workshops, team works, and more to ensure soft skill development of our students along with the development of their management skills.

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