IILM - IILM PGDM Advantages


IILM PGDM Advantages

Established in 1993, IILM offers AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management in its three well-located campuses in the National Capital Region. With the curriculum benchmarked against the best in the world, the IILM PGDM goes beyond the traditional functional silos of Finance, Marketing, OB-HR, and Operations. After close interaction and inputs from the Indian industry, our integrated and experiential curriculum is also inspired by the best of leading global B-Schools’. It offers experiential learning avenues through Field, Career Trek and Managerial Skills; as at Wharton and Stanford respectively.

Globally Benchmarked Curriculum:

The course curriculum embeds Business Simulation and Case studies in its core delivery method. The programme is designed to offer inbuilt flexibility advantageous to students in cognizance of varying learning needs and capabilities and also their professional involvement in corporate workspace. With 25 years of experience in training future entrepreneurs and managers, IILM is proud to have 9000+ well placed alumni in top companies across India and abroad.

Our curriculum imbibes the best aspects of courses offered at top business schools around the world. The course modules are inspired by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School and IIM-A. The curriculum combines experiential learning so that students are capable of turning concepts into effective decision making, initiating action from knowledge and converting ideas into change. The program is delivered in 6 terms; each term spread over 3 calendar months.

Global Study:

In today’s business environment, it has become vital to tap into global markets in order to ensure the viability of a venture. Creating and maintaining international relationships and networks are the key skills that all managers are expected to have in the integrated global economy. Meeting global norms are of major concern.

In keeping with these requirements of the ever-globalizing environment, IILM mandates a 4-week global study in Germany, Canada, Finland, France or Spain. The purpose of the global study is to give students a global exposure in terms of teaching pedagogy, industry visits and diverse cultural immersion to enable them to expand and develop their outlook.

During this four week period, the students not only acquire the knowledge of the modules but also the skills like better team working, understanding and accepting diversity and learning about the cultural context. This helps to widen their horizon

Strong Mentoring Program:

The mentoring program at IILM is geared to provide students with the necessary skill set that they will need to compete in the current business environment. The Program supports students’ continuous growth, development and the building of personal and professional capabilities. An individual faculty member is allotted to each student as a mentor for the term of his/her PGDM. This allocation is based on the student’s profile and previous work experience so that the mentoring is relevant and not mismatched. The faculty mentor guides and advises the student on a regular basis so that his/ her best interests are met. A personal relationship is created which allows for a complete understanding of the student’s aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. This information then filters down into a customized development of the student.


At IILM Summer Internship is taken very seriously and is a major part of the curriculum activity. The students are put through a work shop prior to the summer intern to ensure that they understand the importance and the learning process. Our curriculum mandates a 3-month long internship, meant to provide a first-hand experience of the business world. Moving from the classroom to the corporate reality through summer internships makes our students more proficient at handling real life challenges making effective decisions. It will acquaint students with the demands of professional world of work in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude to perform effectively. This short term experience provides a real insight into what it’s actually like working in a particular job or career field.


IILM has a robust placement cell called Career Development Center (CDC) headed by senior industry professional that are well connected with different sectors of Industry. The Career Development Cell constantly engages the industry through various activities and mentors the students on the selection of right career path. The students are prepared right from resume writing to aptitude test besides group discussions and interview. The CDC through its mentors prepares the students even on acquiring and demonstrating the right personality traits that are essential for selection

Right from beefing up our alumni connect to running experiential courses like FIELD (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development) & Career Trek. Students joining a Business-School are primarily concerned with placements. We at IILM, understand this need to set a path to the future and aim at securing the best possible industrial experience for our students.

Ideal placement opportunities are sought for students based on their aptitudes and interests. Placement week is an event organized on campus where recruiters come to campus to interact with students. They brief students on the job skills required for their industry and clarify doubts regarding the same. Students get an idea of the various industries available to them and can make decisions on what they are best suited for. Our recruiters comprise of over 300 companies across the country spanning over a range of industries.

Full Time Faculty with Rich Industry Experience:

IILM faculty members are passionate and curious individuals from diverse fields who continue their own research while teaching at IILM. In an endeavour to develop IILM’s vision to educate, develop innovative entrepreneurial and responsible business leaders and matching world class teaching methodologies, we draw strength from the international arena on the basis of their research excellence and teaching acumen.

Our faculty comes from leading institutions across the country and have diverse industry experience. They are always available to answer queries and clarify any doubts students may have. The PGDM faculty are knowledge creators who rigorously peruse research in their fields

9000+ well-placed alumni:

Alumni are a very important resource of any university and at IILM we are proud to have a huge network of over 9000 alumni who are well placed at various capacities across industries both domestically and abroad. They have risen to high ranks and hold excellent positions in reputed companies.

We strive to engage with our alumni in various ways. They are invited to interact with students to motivate them about careers or to deliver guest lectures on topics of their expertise. They are consulted with regards to suggestions of industry specific workshops to hone our students’ skills. They also become alumni mentors to our students, thus providing them with first-hand knowledge and experienced advice along with a platform for networking. They are invited to sit on panels to conduct SIP viva and/or judge SIP report and become a part of our Board of Governors. We also maintain relationships with them by organizing annual meets on campus.

Centrally Located Campuses & Residences:

IILM has 3 campuses that are centrally located in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Greater Noida. But the goal driving them forward is one and the same – to train and develop skilled and responsible managers of the future.

Lodhi Road is the hub of South Delhi, bustling with activities and places to visit. Being at the political centre of the country allows students to be privy to first hand developments in business and politics alike.

The Gurgaon campus is located on Golf Course Road, in the heart of the industrial hub of Gurgaon - an epicentre of industry as well as start-ups. Our students have the advantage of gaining the rich knowledge of business and entrepreneurship from their surroundings as well as our in-house incubation centre.

As for our Greater Noida Campus, it is located in the Knowledge Park of Greater Noida with easy access to companies like LG and Moser Baer. Educational institutions in the area also provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Our Gurgaon and Greater Noida campuses provide safe and secure residences for students and faculty alike. Constant monitoring by security guards and cameras, comfortably furnished apartments, delicious and wholesome food, and a friendly environment ensure that students can live in a safe and comfortable haven – a ‘home away from home’

Merit and Means Scholarships and Loans:

In our effort to make education more affordable to students, we have made provisions for scholarships on the basis of merit and need. We also have partnerships with certain banks so as to make the procedure for application of loans a little easier for students.

  1. Scholarships for Girls
  2. Scholarships for students with Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
  3. Open Merit Scholarships
  4. Merit cum Means Scholarship
  5. Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements in Sports or Bravery
  6. Scholarship for J&K and North East domiciled students
  7. Scholarship for children of Defence Forces Personnel