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IILM - Global Study


Global Study Program

In the business environment today, no firm can operate in isolation within the country of its origin. Meeting global norms are of major concern. Tapping into global markets is necessary in order to ensure the viability of a venture. Creating and maintaining international relationships are key skills that all managers are expected to have. In keeping with these requirements of the ever-globalizing environment, IILM mandates a 3-week global study in Canada, Belgium, France or Germany. It is aimed at providing students with an exposure to an international business environment.

Our Global Study Partners

Seneca College

Seneca College, Canada

â–º Digital Marketing
â–º Sales
â–º Marketing Analytics
â–º Marketing Research Techniques
â–º Pricing Strategies
â–º Promotion and Communication Strategies

EM Normandie, France

â–º Cross- Channel Distribution & and Marketing
â–º Risk Management in International Operations
â–º Intercultural competencies in the Supply Chain Management
â–º Digital Marketing in the Luxury Industry

ISM, Germany

â–º Strategic Management
â–º International Finance Management
â–º Investment Finance and Valuation

"The classroom environment is positive and friendly and the teaching style is engaging and effective. This made my learning enjoyable and very satisfactory. My experiences have been refreshing and enriching. From the people to the beautiful landscapes, the journey has been wonderful."
Navneet Kaur
(PGDM 15-17)

"It was a lifetime experience for me, very exciting and rewarding. I thank IILM for giving me this opportunity."
Viven Narang
(PGDM 15-17)