International Conference on Organizational Excellence Through The Power of Human Capital

Start Date : 10/07/2017
End Date : 10/07/2017
Venue : IILM Instute for Business and Management, 1 Knowledge Center, Golf Course Road, Plot. 71, Sector 53, Gurgaon-122003 , Haryana
International Conference on the topic “Organizational Excellence Through The Power of Human Capital”. The HR Conference is scheduled for the 7th October 2017 at IILM Institute for Business & Management Gurgaon.

The competitive environment of the 21st century where most competitive is global and innovation is the need of the hour, change becomes the core competency of any organization. Human Capital can play an important role in helping organizations achieve change. Human Resource has always been central to organizations, to-day it has taken on an even more central role in building a firm’s competitive advantage. The dynamics of change becomes one of the central facets of any business where the role, function and process of Human Resource must be redefined in the context of change. Human Resource Strategies and practices explain how to manage the transition smoothly, rapidly and successfully and make the organization on competitive and reach excellence. Competitiveness is the best parameter which determines the survival of enterprises and organizational excellence in this scenario. The introduction of an effective HR strategy aligned to strategic business planning is thus a prerequisite to ensure that underlying power structures, procedures, practices, values and norms are in place to facilitate the necessary pace of change that can be sustained within the psychological capacity of the business.

Change is the only constant force in this dynamic and competitive world. The theme of this year’s HR conference is based on the need and methods of such change in the HR scenario.

Objective of the conference :

1. To determine Organizational excellence through four dimensions (Management Excellence, Employees Excellence, Structure Excellence, and Strategy Excellence).
2. To raise the Power of Human Capital by incorporating latest technology.
3. Latest innovations and strategies for Recruiting employees, Engaging employees, Acquiring talent, Retain employees, Optimize employee performance to reach higher level of competitiveness.
4. Working towards Organizational Culture for achieving organizational excellence. Culture is perceived as the engine which powers the organization. Culture, being a psychological construct, indicates what people feel, perceive, and assume.