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Centre for Emotional Intelligence

Energy... In... Motion...
Tap energy and create synergy!

IILM Center for Emotional Intelligence (IILMCEI)

Come let's tap energy to create synergy in self and society.

IILMCEI focus is on spreading positivity, happiness and preventing mental health issues/problem in the society. This center is unique in its approach and application of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to all age groups for healthy and happy life.

Scientific evidence indicates that emotions drive and fuel the life with positive energy, enthusiasm and well-being effecting emotions drive learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships, and health. EI is a critical skill to understand and manage self and others to ensure higher performance at the workplace.


Today we are living in a dynamic and complex environment. In this situation of increased complexity and change , there has been a re-examination of the factors contributing to personal and professional effectiveness. Increasingly, the older notion of intelligence and technical competence being the sole predictors of effectiveness is being contested. Some interesting new ideas in this regard are the concepts of Multiple Intelligence put forth by Howard Gardner and Emotional Intelligence popularized by Daniel Goleman. These broader forms of intelligence have been found to be useful in multitude of situations, including jobs. Emotional Intelligence relates to - sensitivity to and management of self-in relationships. Empirical evidence has suggested that Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies are at the heart of effective personal and workplace relationships and performance. Given this interest in emotional intelligence and the wide spread recognition of its salience in enhancing success and well being, IILM center for Emotional Intelligence has been established to support and develop emotional competencies amongst all generations.


The Center for Emotional Intelligence conducts research and supports people of all ages to develop emotional competencies. Through personal coaching and training lead to improvements in emotional skills, personal effectiveness, and well-being in organizations, academia and schools. Finally the Center will use the power of emotions to create a healthier, productive, and sustainable society, today and for future generations.

We offer EI Assessment, workshops, coaching for the following:
> Enhancing relationships at schools - Working with Counselors, Teachers & Parents
> Fostering Healthy Workplace Engagement with EI - MNCs and PSUs
> Creating a space for nurturing the youth - Working with College faculty

To Create Healthy and Compassionate Society by Using the Power of Emotions

Educate and trainpeople to develop and apply their emotional intelligence for happy, successful, enriching and fulfilling life. To disseminate the scientific knowledge of E.I for well-being, trusting and sustainability of our society.

• To simplify andtranslate leading edge science into practical, applicable skills for improving the quality of life.
• To help regulate emotions in everyday life for positive outcome.
• To learn how to use emotions intelligently for positive change and positive outcomes in life.
• To learn E.I as critical skills for peak performance and prevention of mental health issues/problem
• To conduct pre and post EI assessment for need based training.
• Develop evidence based Intervention program.
• To provide one to one coaching/counseling help to enhance Emotional Competence.

Core Functions
• E.I and Behavioral skills training in School, College, Corporate, Government, Public, Private Sector, Sports Organization, Police and Paramilitary Force.
• Assessment and develop a intervention based on Individualized Action Plan (IAP).
• Research and Consultancy
• Academics (Professional online courses)
• Collaboration with centers/institutions/universities for spread scientific EI information to society at large

• We Create Emotionally Intelligent Families/Schools/Colleges/Workplace
• Emotions Matters to Mind Behavior for happy life