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IILM - Career Center

Preparing You for Success!

The Career Center will help students to launch their careers through a combination of academic courses and practical guidance. The Career Center aims at steering the students in the right direction for a successful professional life through a variety of endeavours such as alumni connect; career-focused advisory; interactions with people from various industries; support and guidance for starting their own enterprise; advice on managing family businesses.

Who We Serve

  • Students: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can use the Career Center services from the first year to one year after graduation.
  • Parents: We encourage parents to interact with the Career Center to understand the skills and resources being offered and built at IILM to equip the students for success.

What We Do

  • Career Advisory: Career advisors available to work with the students every step of their career trajectory supporting and guiding in areas required.  
  • Interactions: Interactions with professionals/entrepreneurs from various fields in informal/formal settings  
  • Alumni Connect: Connect with alumni from various industries as mentors/ advisors. 
  • International Education: Guidance and support to students wishing to study abroad 
  • Career Courses: Career Center will deliver the following courses to first-year PG students:

      Term 1

    • Intentional Networking
    • Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
    • Term 2

    • Working With Emotional Intelligence
    • Purposeful work and Life choices
    • Term 3

    • Design Thinking for Solving Business Problems
    • Using Social Media for Business and Personal Growth

Who We Are
The Career Center Team will consist of the following members:

  • Director Career Center
  • First Member: To help search for career opportunities by guidance on various job-search platforms; improve employability by providing training on skills.
  • Second Member: To guide students on setting up their own ventures
  • Third Member: To connect students with Alumni
  • Fourth Member: To guide and support on New Age career opportunities (Technology )
  • Fifth Member: Psychologist