Workshop at Dayal Singh College by IILM Faculties

IILM conducted a workshop at Dayal Singh College on 4th Sept 2017 (12:30 to 3:30) on the topic “Colloqium: New Age Game Changer“. Prof. Sujit Sengupta and Prof. Rahul K. Mishra conducted the session.

Divided in the group of 4, each group presented on the following theme and were given goodies as a token of appreciation.

1. They had to identify the biggest challenges which India is facing.
2. Break these challenges into small business problems
3. Provide solution to these business problems with the help of technology
4. How will you create a viable business model out of providing a solution to customer’s problem?
5. How will you generate resources?
6. What is your core strategy as a company?