Rendezvous 17 | Interaction Between UG Students at IILM Gurgaon Campus

Rendezvous 17 was held for the UG batches on Monday 11th September 2017.  The students organized the following:

 ► Experience sharing
 ► 3-second GK quiz
 ► Talent hunt through a 30 second Dance / Ramp Walk
 ► Tug of War
 ► Mannequin Challenge

The students enjoyed themselves as the event proved to be an ice breaker between the new UG batch and their seniors. While UG stage 2 won the accolades for the talent show (dance & ramp walk), the UG 1 students stood out in the Tug of war. Prizes were given out by the Dean of the UG Program Dr. Pinky Goswami

Faculty members present : Dr. Pinky Goswami, Prof. Sandhya Prakash, Prof. Saima Rizvi, Dr. Sweta Agarwal, Ms. Manya Chaturvedi, Dr. Sona Vikas, Prof. Rachna Madaan and Prof. Urvashi Nandrajog

Faculty coordinator for the event : Prof. Urvashi Nandrajog

The PG students from Utsav the Cultural club also guided, supported the students in organizing the event and participated in the event.