Marketing Conference at Lodhi Road Campus on 6th October 2017

CONFERENCE SUMMARY - “A Customer’s Journey into Life and Work in a Digital World


The theme of the conference was centered on the role of digitization in the Marketing space of organizations, through its logical touch point approach as a new age game changer to create end to end customer satisfaction.

The objectives was to gain an insight on :

To bring together the industry practitioners, academicians and students to discuss and debate on the unique challenges and opportunities for Indian companies, the way forward and incorporating the best practices from around the world.

The key note session was chaired by Prof Sujit Sengupta introducing the topic and the objective of the conference.The key note speaker was Mr Parijat Chakraborty Executive Director Head of Public Affairs & Loyalty. He spoke upon the experience of customer satisfaction and to tap the customer needs at the right moment by giving a quote” In business if you don’t do it, someone else will”. He showed a video on customer experience to garner customer’s journey in a digital world. He spoke about the Golden Rule of making 5 seconds count by quoting statistics that in the year- 2000, the attention span of a prospective customer was 12 seconds whereas in 2016 the attention span had reduced to 8 seconds. He gave a food for thought to the audience by stating that future marketers should make the right emotional connect, using the right techniques reach out to the right audience.

The topic for the first Panel discussion was “Designing a customer experience: from touch pointto journey’s”,and the panel consisted of Mr. Satvinder Singh- ABVP HDFC, Mr. Anirban Sarkar- General Manager- Country Inn & Suites – Gurgaon Dr Swati Pal- Principal Janaki Devi Memorial College and Mr. Nomit Joshi- Director Marketing- Gionee India. Mr. Satvinder Singh spoke on the role of digital technology in the banking sector stating that customer has moved to a digital interface for all kinds of banking related work. He substantiated it with apt examples on his experiences of 15 years with HDFC. He mentioned that now robots will welcome customers and address them for their queries which would be a unique experience all together.Mr. Sarkar spoke of how digital intervention is taking place in hospitality by stating that Air BNB & OYO Rooms (aggregators) are giving competition to leading hospitality brands and how the current market valuation of Air BNB has surpassed the current valuation of Marriott which is an 80year old property.Ms. Pal also cited that education industry per se is also centered oncustomer touch points and how a mobile app is being launched to undertake counselling as students do not have time to wait in a queue for their turn for counselling.Mr. Joshi spoke of how behavior change in society as disruption is happening rapidly. In the case of mobile phones, he touched upon “Opportunity to see the brand” through the customers eyes by understanding the customers’ needs through the digital world and delivering the product accordingly.

The second panel discussion focused on “Redesigning the business from the Customer’s back”in which the panelists were Mr. Chandra Shekhar -AGM-Business Development, Airports Authority and Mr. Yashdeep Bali,- Co-founder Furniture

They expressed their views on the topic encouraging a healthy discussion. Mr. Chandra Shekhar gave a broad perspective of how a wow factor was created at the airport. He showed a video clip of AAI on how Indian airports are gateways for customer satisfaction and a key enabler for increasing footfalls for airports. He elaborated that though there is a lot of stress on Indian Airports and how the surge in customers using flights as an increasing medium of travel between cities yet AAI is incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and taking over in the digitation of airports and monitoring of customer satisfaction. Through digitization, AAI is effectively taking care of arrival sequence being customer centric and being a service delivery leader for “On Time performance”

Mr. Bali took the discussion forward by sharing that digitization is a platform and how actively everyone is engaged in this medium. He shared his personal experience as a digital marketer that when he is approached by clients on their expectation that when will their “ad go viral”. Such is the expectation of the current millennials. All business needs to be looked at the “moment of truth” by leveraging it with the example of how Google has renamed its business strategy from moment of truth to zero moment of truth.

The essence of the marketing conference was well received by the students and they interacted with the speakers asking them relevant questions upon the topics of the panel.