Guest Lecture Prof. Vinod Lall 3 Days Sessions on Operations Management

In keeping with its commitment to nurture leaders for tomorrow, IILM invites faculty from international b-schools and universities to interact with its students and deliver sessions on various topics. The students at IILM had the opportunity to interact with Prof. Vinod Lall, Co-chair and Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Paseka School of Business, Minnesota State University, Moorhead. Prof. Lall was at IILM from November 7 - November 9, 2017. He delivered lectures on various supply chain strategies that the organizations can adopt to gain competitive advantage in the market. On the first day, professor started with introduction to basics of supply chain, then continued to describe drivers and metrics to measure supply chain performance. On the second day, he explained about network design and optimization strategies using Linear Programming method and how to use Microsoft Excels Solver feature to optimize the supply chain network.

The students could revisit their learnings related to linear programming from first year of PGDM and apply that to complex business situations such as network optimization. Other topics covered were various types of supply chains such as Efficient and Responsive supply chains, postponement strategy, supply chain risk management and total cost analysis. On the last day, the lectures concluded with some contemporary developments like disaster management and humanitarian supply chains and an assessment test of 30 minutes. All the lectures of professor Lall were enriched through examples of world class organizations such as Aamzon, Seven Eleven Japan, Asian Paints, etc. In his busy schedule, Professor Lall also interacted with IILM faculty and explained how he uses the online platform to deliver his lectures in his home university.