Guest Lecture by Mr Rohit Jain on Lean and JIT Systems

Mr. Rohit Jain visited IILM Lodi Road Campus on 11th of December to deliver a guest lecture on Lean and JIT systems. Mr. Jain carries over 20 years of experience in managing operations and marketing functions across diverse industries. He was recently associated with Uflex Industries and is currently working as a freelance partner for many other organizations. Mr. Jain introduced the lean philosophy to students through examples from his rich experience. He explained that Lean Philosophy has come from the Toyota Production System (TPS) that emphasises on minimizing waste. He introduced a term TIMWOOD which is short for seven types of wastes identified by TPS - Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over Production, Over Processing and Defects. Mr. Jain also explained various techniques that an organization can use to become lean. These techniques are Just-in-Time, 5S, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), to name a few. Mr. Jain concluded his lecture stating that if an organzation wants to become lean, it has to change its culture from that of hierarchical centralised decision making to the one with decentralised decision making. By decentralised decision making he meant that the management of such organizations must be willing to let go off some of its powers and provide the employees with the authority to take decisions.