Dandiya Night celebrated at IILM, GSM on 28 September,2017

Every community looks forward to come together and be a part of the Dandiya Raas, This is one event that has still not lost its traditional flavor.

The glitz and glitter of Navaratri have soaked the city in festive euphoria. The celebrations have become brighter and have reached new heights.

The Drum Beats-Cultural Society celebrated the dandiya festivities at IILM GSM lawns on 28th September, 2017. Garba and dandiya performances marked the celebrations here. DJ played a series of foot-tapping numbers on the dandiya beats.

Students picked up their ghaghra cholis and got on the dance floor to swirl to the Dandiya Raas.

We also had Mr. & Ms. Dandiya night and Best Dressed (Boy/Girl) contest to motivate the spirit of Dandiya Night.


► Best Dressed (Boy): Manish Rai
► Best Dressed (Girl): Avipsa Das
► Mr. Dandiya Night: Shubham Suri
► Ms. Dandiya Night: Shivani Singh

Dance moves, decorative dandiya sticks, lights, candeels, chaat stalls and sumptuous food all were the part of the dandiya night. Students enjoyed this event thoroughly.